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How to connect to the Student housing internet. Choose A or B:
A) One computer – always connected with the cabel cord: You need a cable cord (can be bought in the Student bookstore/computer stores). Find the MAC – address in your computer and write it down. Cable cord is connected from wall to computer. 

On you can find instructions on how to find the mac-address in your computer.  Next step: Go to Registering your Mac-address here below. 

B) Wifi: You need a cable cord and ethernet router (can be bought in the Student bookstore/computer stores). This allows you to have wifi and use more than one device in your apartment. On the back of your ethernet router is a mac – id. Next step: Go to Registering your Mac-address here below.

Registering your Mac-address
Go into Ugla and click on "Computing services" and then "Application for service". Then you will enter the application page. Click on „Apply for internet“. On the next page click on  "Apply for connection" wich is in the box „Internet access on campus". A small box appears "internet access on campus" and there you fill in the MAC address (or router number). There is no need to add space between the letters/numbers nor does small or capital letter matter. Click „finish application“ when done. 30 minutes later you should be connected.

1). The last steps „internet access on campus“ do usually not appear until 1-2 days after you pick up your keys. If it still does not appear after that, contact the Property management umsjon(at), 570-0822 to check if they need to register that you have got the keys and that former tenant/s have returned their keys. If that has already been done, you should contact the computer help desk, For instance, some routers send out wrong mac-id. They can find the right one if your router is connected at home.

2). Usually you do not need to do anything else but sometimes the net card (step A) is not adjusted for receiving an IP adress. Go to (bottom).