Maintenance and construction plan

Maintenance and construction plan

Implementation of this plan is subject to change

The maintenance and construction plan specifies larger maintenance and construction projects at Student housing, but not general and smaller projects that are part of daily operations or take a short time. Experience has showed that small projects can grow in scope and you may always assume that not all projects are specified in a summary such as this. The maintenance and construction plan does not specify construction work in nearby houses and streets, construction work by others, e.g., utility companies or the City of Reykjavik. There are no notification requirements for neighbors of Student housing beyond what is specified by law.

Gamli Garður

The expansion of Gamli Garður has begun and will continue until fall 2021.With the expansion, we can offer 69 additional students housing. Casting in moulds is almost finished, other construction will then take place, both outside and inside. Working hours are on weekdays between 7:30 am - 6 pm and occasional Saturdays from 8-16 if needed.


No construction is planned in the building.

Residents at Hjónagarður are asked to familiarize themselves with the Vísindagarðar Science Park construction plan (see below) and other buildings, e.g., Vetrargarður. 


Lineoleum renewal is currently underway in hallways at Eggertsgata 10 and the work will finish at the beginning of March 2021.

Preperations for renovations in apartments have begun. Construction will begin in the spring of 2021. Construction will take place in phases. The first phase (apartments 101-116, 201-216 and 301-309) will take about 10-12 months to complete. Interiors, internal doors and flooring will be renewed. The bathroom, water- and  heating pipes as well as doors will be renewed. Flooring in common areas on 2nd and 3rd floor will be renewed. The floor on 1st floor will be broken and insulated,heating and iron pipes laid and cast in a traditional way. A linoleum will then be laid as in other hallways. The roof iron will be renewed. 

When the first phase has finished, construction will begin in other parts of the building.

The residents at Vetrargarðar are asked to familiarize themselves with the maintenance and construction plan at the Science park (Vísindagarðar) (see below).


Work on putting down an underground waste disposal system has begun. The work began in September 2020 and all containers have been put down, surface work is now ongoing by the east station. Surface work by the west station will be done when weather is preferable. The work will probably be finished in spring 2021. The work results in considerable noise and traffic disturbances for a period of time.

The old Eggertsgata street (now Student housing parking places) will be paved sometime between May 25 and June 30 2021. The work will take about a week, while construction is ongoing all parking places must be empty. When paving is finished the surfaces will be marked and parking lines and appropriate signs put up. It is likely that both dead ends by Eggertsgata 24 will be closed while this work is ongoing.

In the coming years we will renovate the roofs at Ásgarðar. Roofs at Eggertsgata 12-14 and 16-18 will be renovated in the summer 2021. We do not plan on renovating the roof at Eggertsgata 24, since the building is newer than others in the Ásgarðar neighbourhood.

In the summer of 2021 the roof balcony above apartments in the basement at Eggertsgata 24 needs to be renewed due to a leak from the roof balcony on the 1st floor. Before the repairs are carried out the patterened pavement needs to be broken and the water tiled layer and insulation washed off. New water tile layer, insulation and pavement will then be laid. Some noise will accompany the work.

Individual apartments will be renovated if needed, this work will take place parallel with lease agreements ending.

We ask residents at Ásgarðar to familiarize themselves with the Vísindagarðar Science Park construction plan (see below).


In the coming years we will need to work on the roofs, stairwells and balcony passages at Oddagarðar. The work will commence in summer 2021.

Construction is also commencing on behalf of Alvogen/Alvotech on expanding their building, ground work will begin in January 2021 followed by construction work. The work will be ongoing for approximately two years. Residents can expect considerable traffic disturbances as well as disturbance during the construction.

Residents at Oddagarðar are asked to familiarize themselves with the Vísindagarðar Science Park construction plan (see below).


Mýrargarður was opened in January/February 2020. Construction on behalf of FS in the building has finished.  

Numerous constructions are scheduled on nearby lots in the coming years. Building construction on behalf of Alvogen/Alvotech commences this January 2021 where they will be enlarging the building. Regular building construction will then begin. The work is supposed to take well over two years. Residents can expect traffic disturbances as well as other disturbance during that time frame.

Residents are asked to familiarize themselves the Vísindagarðar Science Park construction plan (see below).


Dispute planning is underway at Lindargata in collaboration with the City of Reykjavik and adjacent site owners who are also interested in various projects in the future. The project has not been scheduled and will be announced in more detail later.


Construction on renovating apartments at Skógarvegur is underway and is supposed to finish in March 2021.

Superstructure over the inside garden at Skógarvegur 20 will finish in February. Then work will commence on superstructures over inside gardens in buildings 18 and 22, that work will finish in fall 2021. A part of the construction is improving acoustics.

Some repairs will need to be done on masonry in the inside gardens when the superstructure is up. Residents will be notified in regard to that construction when extent, execution and time is known.

Repairs and renovations on the parking garage between the buildings as well as repairs on the parking places on top of the garage will need to be done. Residents will be notified in regard to that construction when extent, execution and time is known.


No work on behalf of Student housing is scheduled.

Vísindagarðar Science Park 

The role of the Science Park is to be an internationally recognized forum of technology and knowledge in Iceland and actively foster and connect entrepreneurs, companies, universities, institutions and other stakeholders who work to enhance the use of research, innovation and business development for prosperity and charm for the country and the nation (taken from the website of the project).