Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar


Rent is charged monthly. It shows up in Icelandic internet banks and can be paid there. Those who want bills delivered by post need to contact and ask for them. Bills must be paid before the 15th of the same month. If not paid by then, late fee and interest will be charged. See more about late payments.
Heat and electricity is charged along with the rent and internet connection is free of charge. 
Rent is based on a consumer index and changes every month. Information about current rent can be found on under Apartments.
Tenants that do not have a legal residence in Iceland pay insurance fee equivalent to one months rent or a minimum amount of 70.000 ISK, if the rent is lower. The insurance fee is fully refundable at departure if all bills are paid and no damage has been made to the room/apartment. The insurance fee is refunded with indexation, without interest.
Late payments or if i don't pay rent?