Living in Student Housing

Living in Student Housing

We ask residents to familiarize themselves with information that can be found about residency at Student housing e.g. responsibility of tenants, insurance deposits, renewal of contracts etc. See more in allocation rules.
We would also like to point out that it is important that the resident's email on "My pages" is correct - but all information regarding Student housing are sent to that email address. That includes information regarding continued residence at Student housing. If you've decided to change email addresses or are using a different one, please click on My pages and change your information.
Emergency number: 853-1000
Securitas - security company, provides service for residents at Student housing through an emergency number when the Student housing and Property management offices are closed.
Securitas evaluates whether the matter has to be dealt with immediately or if it can wait until office hours. Students who loose keys on evenings/weekends need to call a locksmith.

In emergency situations residents should always call 112.
We encourage those in need of psychological support to contact the Red Cross Helpline. Their number is 1717 and open around the clock for those in need.
The University Student Counselling Centre also provides students with support. Their office is open weekdays from 9 - 12 and 13 - 16, tel: 525-4315.


Student husing is an environmentally friendly community where recycling should be exemplay. All residents muscontribute and participate in sorting and recycling.

On you can find good instructions on sorting and recycling and on Reykjavík webpage.

We have underground disposal systems at Hjónagarðar, Vetrargarður, Mýrargarður and Skerjagarður.

An antenna is in every apartment. Residents need to buy their own television and phone connection. Student housing provides internet in every apartment/room.

Tenants are obliged to familiarise themselves with the fire alarm system in their building and follow the instructions on how to respond to fire alarms that are located in each apartment. Instructions can be found in all apartments. If the tenant tampers with the fire alarm so that it affects the fire alarm system in the building the tenant is charged for the fixing. Maintenance and fixing of fire alarms is only in the hands of the fire alarm system enterprises and the cost is in accordance to that enterprise. The residents are not allowed to fix the fire alarms themselves, to avoid/minimise costs, when they've tampered with it in any other way than the instructions show.

Vetarargarður, Oddagarðar 14-16, Gamli Garður and Skerjagarður have a central fire alarm system directly connected to Securitas. Instructions can be found at the entrance inside all apartments. Tenants are asked to read them carefully. Considerable costs can occur for the resident if he/she doesn't react correctly.

Skjólgarður has a fire alarm system directly connected to Securitas. The residents shall familiarise themselves with the instructions to be able to react correctly if the fire alarm goes off from their apartment. Considerable costs can occur for the resident if he/she doesn't react correctly. Under no circumstances is the resident allowed to tamper with the fire alarm in the ceiling, if he/she does a technician needs to fix and reset the system. This can result in considerable cost for the resident.

It should be noted that ventilation/smoke cleanup is best ensured before the system is reset if it went off while cooking, to prevent continued stimulus after the system has been activated again.

Rooms in Gamli Garður, Sæmundargata 14-16, and shared apartments type 5-3 are furnished with a bed, desk and a chair. The same furniture can be added to other rooms for a charge of 15.000 ISK.

It is forbidden to remove furniture from furnished rooms without speaking to Property management. The same goes for moving furniture from one space inside the building to another.

If a resident (at Sæmundargata 14 and 16) wishes to remove the furniture from the room and use their own bed an email should be sent to umsjon(at) The charge for moving and storage is 7.500 ISK.

Residents are responsible for cleaning their own apartments/rooms and share the responsibility of cleaning shared spaces such as the garbage storage, bicycle storage, and laundry rooms as well as shovelling snow from stairwells outside. This should all be done in accordance to the plan made by the resident in charge. Note that this does not apply to the houses on Eggertsgata 24, Skerjagarður and Skuggagarðar.

Residents in Oddagarðar share the responsibility of cleaning the shared kitchen facilities.

The apartment/room will be cleaned professionally if it is not properly clean upon return and the resident will be charged for the costs. The cost depends on the size of the space that needs cleaning.

Due date is the date on which it is desirable to pay a bill or debt. Deadline/final due date is the last day to pay a bill before overdue fees and interests are added.

The process, if the rent has not been paid by the final due date:

Final due date +1 day - Alert from the bank.
Final due date +11 days - Phonecall from Momentum (Dept collection agency).
Final due date +20 days - Final warning from Momentum.
Final due date +30 days - Demand of payment.
Final due date +38 days - Termination of contract from Gjaldheimtan.

Tenants furniture and belongings are not insured by Student Housing. Contact an insurance company if you wish to insure your belongings.

A common laundry room is located on the first floor/basement in all buildings except at Skógargarðar. Instead, there's a dryer room and residents can connect washing machines in their apartments.

It's also possible to connect washing machines in apartments at Vetrargarðar.

At Ásgarðar, Oddagarðar and Skógargarðar you'll need to book a time for the laundry/dryer room.

You can find parking facilities by Student housing buildings, but never enough for all apartments. We emphasise building housing at the campus area, withing walking/cycling distance from the campus or with good access to public transport.

Tenants can use common parking facilities but are not permitted to have more than one car at each time. No unregistered cars, big commercial vehicles, trailers etc are also not permitted. Unregistered cars are removed at the owner's expense.

Note that parking spaces specially labelled with accessibility are only to be used by individuals who have an accessibility sign in their car.

Skógargarðar and Skjólgarðar: A remote is needed to open the door of the parking garage at Skógargarðar and Skjólgarðar. Tenants can get their remote at the Property management's office. A 15.000 ISK deposit is charged for the remote and is refunded when the remote has been returned. 

In accordance to Article 9 in the lease agreement, it is strictly forbidden to keep pets at Student housing.

Breaking this rule can lead to termination of the contract.

Every building of the Student housing has a resident in charge (also known as ræstingastjóri, garðprófastur or umhverfisráðherra). They are in charge of the cleaning plan for shared facilities among other things. Information on residents in charge can be found here.

Icelandic Student Services (Félagsstofnun stúdenta) is not liable for any damage or theft of resident's possessions whether they've been left in the laundry rooms, bicycle storage or other shared facilities. Exceptions are made in the event of ruined clothing that can be connected to malfunction of washing machines owned by Icelandic Student Services.

The resident is responsible for the accommodation they live in during the lease period, therefore it is important for residents familiarize themselves with everything regarding their building, how it should be cleaned etc. 

It is very important to make sure you ventilate the accommodation properly and make sure that water does not leak in windowsills. That can lead to moisture damage inside the space.

Lease agreements are generally made for one rental period at a time and renewed after this time if  all allocation rules are fulfilled.

In April, each year, current residents get an email and need to log into My pages and answer if they request a renewal or not. When it is clear that the student has achieved the required credits, is enrolled in courses for next semester and is debt free with Student housing the contract is renewed electronically. The resident does not have to come to the Student housing office to sign a new contract.

Rent is charged monthly. It shows up in Icelandic internet banks and can be paid there. The due date is the 1st of each month but the bill must be paid before the final due date each month (5th) of the same month. If not paid by then, overdue fees and interests will be charged. See more about late payments.

Heat and electricity is charged along with the rent and internet connection is free of charge.

Rent is based on consumer price index and can change in accordance to that. Information about current rent can be found at - Apartments.

Tenants who do not have legal residence in Iceland pay an insurance fee equivalent to one months rent or a minimum amount of 70.000 ISK, if the rent is lower + 10.000 ISK cleaning fee. The insurance fee is fully refundable at departure if all bills are paid and no damage has been made to the room/apartment.

All apartments/rooms have access to a storage, either in the apartment or in a special storage area.

Tenants are asked not to leave storages unlocked or store valuable items in there.

It is not permitted to use common areas or hallways for storage; no responsibility is taken for things stored there. Tenants are also asked to remember to empty the storage as they move out.

Residents are able to apply for a transfer between housing. A transfer fee of 10.000 ISK must be paid.

According to the allocation rules transferred residents are put in priority T. Note that the waiting list number does not give a realistic idea of the status on the waiting list as other rules apply for allocating transfer residents compared to allocating housing to new tenants. For further information, see allocation rules.

To apply for a transfer you should log to My pages, select Transfer and fill in the applicable information.

It is not allowed to put nails or screws in the walls. If residents want to put something on the walls they can buy strings and hooks in the Student book store and fasten them on a cornice by the ceiling. It's also forbidden to glue or paint the walls in the apartments.

You can ask for an exemption at the Property management office if you need to fasten furniture for safety reasons.

As apartments in Iceland are well insulated, humidity can accumulate during winter if windows are constantly kept closed. It is very important to ventilate apartments, keep ovens warm and wipe up water that accumulates on and by windows. If humidity or mold causes damage to apartments, resident can be held responsible and charged for repairs.

It is important that tenants do not cover windows with black plastic or similar fabric. In sunshine it can make the windows crack due to the heat. If this happens the tenant will be responsible for all cost relating to the replacement of the window.