Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar

About Student Housing

The role of Student Housing is to offer students at the University of Iceland convenient and well located housing to rent at a fair price. The dwellings are of varied sizes and types: rooms and apartments for individuals, apartments for two persons or couples, and two, three and four-room family apartments. Today Student Housing offers a total of 1110 apartments that are being rented out by students at the Uni: 

- Ásgarðar, Eggertsgata 12-34
- Gamli Garður, Hringbraut 29
- Hjónagarðar, Eggertsgata 2-4
- Oddagarðar, Sæmundargata 14-20
- Skerjagarður, Suðurgata 121
- Skógargarðar, Skógarvegur 18-22
- Skuggagarðar, Lindargata 42-46, 46A
- Vetragarðar, Eggertsgata 6-10