Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar

Student Housing


The Student Housing community is lively and entertaining for the tenants and their families. The housing comes in all shapes and sizes and is tailored for the tenants needs. We emphasize effective use of space, efficiency, sharing and fellowship to make sure the tenants relations are pleasent.
Most of our Student Housing is situated at the University area but we also have housing in Fossvogur, right above Hlemmur bus station and at Lindargata. When the location for Student Housing is decided we emphasize that the housing is near the University of Iceland, that our tenants can walk or bike there or they can reach a bus station nearby. We stress that our shared facilities are cosy and diverting so tenants can get to know each other, meet up and enjoy themselves.
Students registered at the University of Iceland can apply for Student Housing all year round but students starting school next fall semester can apply from the 1st of June.

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