Where do I apply for housing benefits?

You apply for housing benefits on their website www.hms.is.

You need to have your lease agreement at hand when applying for the benefits. There you can find important information that is needed for the application such as the kennitala of ISS, the rent amount, the property number and more.

If you have any trouble finding the property number of the apartment you can find it by login in to Register Iceland and typing in your address.

For further information, call the housing benefits office at 440 6400 or send an email at hms@hms.is.

Who can apply for Student Housing?
Fully registered students at the University of Iceland can apply for Student Housing. If you have paid the registration fee at the University you considered a student.
How do I get on the waiting list?
You need to fulfil certain requirements. Please read the allocation rules before applying.
Is Student Housing exclusively for students at the University of Iceland?
Yes, the requirements are that you're a student attending full time studies at the University of Iceland.
I'm a student at the University of Iceland but my partner is not. We have children and want to apply for Student Housing, can we?
Yes, individuals applying for a family apartment need to be registered students at the University of Iceland. If you have a partner you state their name in the application but he/she does not need to be a student at the University. Evidently you'll be in lower priority than those who have a partner registered in the University.

Where do I sign the lease agreement?
If you have electronic ID in your phone we will send you the lease agreement for signing. Otherwise you will need to come to our office, 3rd floor at Háskólatorg, between 9 am and 4 pm. It's best to arrive as soon as possible after you're allocated an apartment. If you're renting a couples apartment both tenants need to sign the lease before getting the keys to the apartment. The same applies for family apartments. If the tenant is abroad he/she needs to fill out an authority form which gives someone else permission to sign the lease for him/her.
When can I pick up and return my keys?
You pick up the keys to your apartment at the Property Management office, Eggertsgata 6, between 9 am and 1 pm. You return them at the same place at 10 am on the given return date. You can of course return the keys earlier if you want. If return is delayed a 3 days rent is charged for each day of the delay.
I just moved in, in March, but my contract ends in August, why is that?
All contracts are made to end in August. A resident can terminate the contract all  year round and that's why some contracts are only for a few months. You can renew your contract if you fulfil the allocation requirements.
How do I renew my contract?
Students get an email in April each year regarding renewal of the lease agreement. Residents need to sign in to My pages on www.studentagardar.is and denote whether they'd like to renew their lease or not. Student Housing will review the renew requests when credits have been posted, usually around July.
How do I terminate my contract?
You terminate your contract on our website. You click on "Lease Agreement" and "Termination". Note that the term of notice is three months, counting from the 1st of next month. Student Housing can accept shorter notice due to exceptional circumstances, although never shorter than one month. The resident is always responsible for paying rent for three months if we don't find another resident.
Can I abort my termination of contract?
When you terminate your contract the apartment or room is allocated to the next person on the waiting list. However, this doesn't always happen right away so if the apartment/room hasn't been allocated again you can abort the termination of the contract.
How do I know if my apartment has been allocated?
We will contact you when we have allocated your apartment and the new tenant has signed the lease.
Progress of studies
Tenants at Student housing need to complete 40 ECTS each year, there of at least 18 ECTS in the fall semester, to keep their housing. New applicants, that are registered at the University need to have finished at least 20 ECTS the school year before (last two semesters), 10 ECTS per semester.

I'm moving down the waiting list, why's that?

It's normal to move up and down the waiting lists. You move up the list when someone gets allocated an apartment and down the list when new applications are accepted. Some applicants have priority on the waiting list (see allocation rules) and you move down the list when someone in higher priority is accepted on to the list.

Example: Studio apartment - individuals living in the capital area move down the waiting list when individuals that live outside the capital area are accepted on to the list. Family apartment - families with one child move down the list when a family with two or more children are accepted on to the list. We accept applications in the beginning of each month.

We also want to point out that the registration fee for the University is paid in July so new students are getting on to the waiting list all month which can result in quick changes regarding waiting list numbers.

I'm off the waiting list. Why?
There are two options. Either you forgot to confirm your application or you were denying an allocation for the third time. Either way you can apply again. If neither applies please contact Student Housing office.
How often can I deny an allocation?
The third time you deny an allocation you fall off all waiting lists and your application becomes inactive. Then you can apply again.
Do I need to confirm my application the same month that you accept it?

No, applications are accepted in the beginning of each month and you need to start confirming the month after. If you forget to confirm your application you need to apply again.

Example: Applies in May - application accepted in June - starts confirming their place on the waiting list in July.

I can't access my pages to confirm my application?
Send an email to the Student Housing staff or to studentagardar@fs.is before the 5th of the month and let them know. Then they can see you tried to confirm.

How many credits do I need to pass each semester?
Tenants need to pass 20 ECTS each semester, 40 ECTS in total for the school year. Please take notice that the same applies to the partner if the apartment is a couples/family apartment and you were accepted in the highest priority (both partners are students).
Who do I contact if something needs fixing in my apartment?

You log into "my pages" and there you click on "repair request".

How do I set up the internet in my apartment/room?

To set up the internet connection you need to buy a cable cord. The tenant decides if he/she also wants to buy a router for wifi. The cable cord is connected to the wall, either to the computer or the router. Then you follow the instructions we give you when you sign your lease. Then the internet should be up.

If you have a router but the instructions don't work you need to contact the operator of the University's IT system.

Can I sublet my apartment?

Subleasing rooms and apartments in Student Housing is forbidden, whether it is for payment or not. Students that live in studios, family apartments or couples apartments, that want to go abroad for exchange studies, can apply for an exemption in regards to subleasing. The resident shall submit a request to Student Housing to sublet the apartment to another student at the University of Iceland. The resident shall also indicate whether the student exchange is for one or two semesters, never longer than two semesters. New applicants, that are registered at the University need to have finished at least 20 credits the school year before/last two semesters, 10 per semester.

I lost my key, who do I talk to?

You need to contact Property Management. If the key gets lost after office hours you need to contact a locksmith.

Can I rent the hall in the house I live in?
Yes, tenants at Student housing can use the halls in the houses they live in for parties that are too big for their apartments. To rent the halls you need to contact Property management, umsjon(at)fs.is. Tenants also need to read the hall rules before they can rent it.
What comes with the apartment?
It depends on the apartment type. In studio apartments, couples apartments and family apartments you usually get a fridge, an oven/stove and closets but in rooms with shared facilities you get a bed, a table and a chair. All kitchenware is available. There are two types of shared apartments, 5-3 and 5-5. You get a bed, table and a chair in type 5-5 but not in type 5-3.
Who do I contact if I'm being disturbed?
If you get disturbed by other tenants at Student housing you should contact the Student housing office. If the disturbance is substantial you can also contact the police.

How much is the rent?
The rent at Student housing varies depending on apartment type and location. You can see the current amount under each apartment on our website menu under Apartments. The rent period is from the 1st of each month.
What happens if I don't pay the rent?

Due date is the date on which it is desirable to pay a bill or debt. Deadline/final due date is the last day to pay a bill before overdue fees and interests are added.

The process, if the rent has not been paid by the final due date:

Final due date +1 day - Alert from the bank.
Final due date +11 days - Phone call from Momentum (Dept collection agency).
Final due date +20 days - Final warning from Momentum.
Final due date +30 days - Demand of payment.
Final due date +38 days - Termination of contract from Gjaldheimtan.

I'm moving out this month, do I have to pay full rent?
No. If you move out in the middle of the month you don't have to pay full rent. Sometimes full rent is charged at the beginning of the month but you will get it refunded the month after.
Do I need to pay rent for two apartments when I transfer?
No, you only pay rent for one apartment at a time.
I got my apartment after the lease date, do I get the days I missed refunded?
According to our allocation rules it is permissible to postpone delivery for five days without deducting it from the lease.
Can I pay the rent with a credit card?
No, we do not offer tenants to pay with credit cards.
Where do I apply for housing benefits?
You can apply for housing benefits on the website husbot.is. There you fill out the information needed. We recommend you have the lease by your side while filling it out, there you can find our ID, rent amount, property number etc.

Where can I access amounts for my tax return?
You need to calculate your total rent amount for the year yourself. You can do that by accessing your online bank under online statements and add together your monthly rent.
Am I insured at the Student housing?
Student Housing insures what belongs to the apartment but not the tenants inventory. If tenants want to insure their inventory they need to contact insurance companies.
Can I get recommendation from Student Housing?
You can get recommendation from Student Housing. We would consider noise complaints and rent payments. Please send an email to innheimta@fs.is and mention whether you want the recommendation in Icelandic or English.