Covid 19

Covid 19

FS Student housing has decided to reduce study requirements for this semester. Full time studies are 30 ects per semester but according to Student housing allocation rules residents are required to pass 20 ects per semester to keep their housing. We have decided to lower those requirements down to 15 ects for the fall semester of 2020, i.e. residents need to pass 50% of ects of full-time studies.

Due to the latest information on the spread of Covid-19 infections in Iceland, our office at Háskólatorg will be closed from Wednesday October 7th. We will do our best to resolve your issues promptly and securely via email or phone, and reopen as soon as possible.

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It is important that students at the University of Iceland follow all updates on to be informed of the restrictions in effect. 

We primarily emphasise that individuals take steps to prevent infection, e.g. physical distancing, hand washing and disinfection.

Residents at Student housing should contact the staff of Stúdentagarðar by e-mail, online chat or by phone. Do not come to the office in Háskólatorg or to the office of the Property management in Eggertsgata unless necessary. If you do, you must wear a mask and use hand sanitizers.

From August 19th everyone who comes from abroad will have to undergo border screening, quarantine for 5-6 days and another screening after that. This means that those students who are coming from abroad and will share housing with other students are not able to get keys to their rooms until after the quarantine. Keys can only be handed to those students when they present a negative result from the second screening. These students have received information, a list of appropriate quarantine hotels and a contact with a hotel that offers a special price for Students of  UI.

 Other students who need to get keys at the Property management must ensure the 2 meter rule, wear a mask and use hand sanitizers. 

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    In response to the situation created by the pandemic Covid-19, FS Student housing temporarily reduced educational progress requirements. At the end of the academic year, fall 2019 - spring 2020, it was enough for those who were seeking continued residence to demonstrate that they completed 20 ect units in total, for autumn 2019 and spring 2020. In addition, the rules on maximum residence time were not followed in the spring 2020.

    Those who suffered temporary loss of income due to the circumstances were given the flexibility to pay 75% of the rental price until June 30, ie. rent in April, May and June. Previous due dates went through traditional billing process. Those who opted for this recourse had to have paid their outstanding debt on June 30, 2020 before commencement of lease agreement renewals. The termination notice remained and still remains unchanged.

    With this decision the board of Icelandic student services was temporarily relieving full rent payments due to the circumstances.
    Furthermore, the Board decided to open early for new applications. New students could apply from May 1st instead of June 1st, according to allocation.

    To respond to the status of students at the University of Iceland that reside in Student housing and are in reat difficulty paying rent.
    The Icelandic student services, The Student Council and the University of Iceland have worked together to find a way to meet the need of those who have experienced difficulties in paying rent. The University of Iceland has responded by allocating funds to a committee that will operate temporarily, with limited funds. First applicants were those who had terminated a lease agreement for student housing and were in debt. After the rent due date of July, now residents that are in still in debt for the month/s of April, May and/or June can apply. Representatives of the University of Iceland, the Student Council and the Icelandic Student services are Erla Guðrún Ingimundardóttir, Isabel Alejandra Diaz and Dröfn Sigurbjörnsdóttir.