How to fill out the application

Please fill out the application as accurately as possible. An application may be denied if it's insufficient or if the information provided is inaccurate. The applicant is informed by email if the application is rejected. By submitting an application, the applicant confirms that Student housing is allowed to verify all the information provided by sending an inquiry to Registers Iceland regarding housing ownership, legal address and family status, and to the University of Iceland regarding study progress and registration fees.


1. Select an apartment type

A singles apartment for an individual, a couples apartment for couples or a family apartment for couples or individuals with children 

  • Specify the start of present studies at the University of Iceland.
  • Specify the estimated end of present studies.
  • Specify the faculty of present studies.
  • Specify the course of studies. 
2. If applying for a couples apartment or a family apartment

Please provide information on partner

  • When applying for family housing please specify the names of the children in the first box and the date of birth in the second box.
  • Please note whether the spouse is a student or not. 
  • Providing family's and/or friend's phone number(s) can be helpful.
  • Any other information the applicant thinks is important for their application process can be written in the "Other information" box. This might be information regarding their family situation, housing or other matters.

An accurate and active e-mail address is essential as all announcements from the Student housing office are sent via email to applicants and residents. Applicants are informed of allocations with an email. A username and password to log into My pages are sent to the applicant by email at the end of the application process. My pages can be used to observe the waiting list status and to confirm the applicants place on the waiting list. If the application is not confirmed between the 1st and 5th of every month the applicant will be removed from the waiting list and will have to apply again.

It is important that the email address provided is monitored closely as applicants are given 48 hours to accept or decline a housing offer. After those 48 hours the offer will expire. If an applicant declines a housing offer three times they will no longer have a place on the waiting list and will have to apply again.

For further information, please read the allocation rules or contact Student housing at studentagardar(at)