General information

The Icelandic Student Services or ISS, (Félagsstofnun Stúdenta, short FS) is in charge of Student Housing (Stúdentagarðar). Its role is to offer students at the University of Iceland convenient and well-placed housing at a fair price. The housing comes in various sizes. There are individual rooms/apartments, apartments for two individuals, apartments for couples, and family apartments with one, two or three bedrooms.

  • The student residences Gamli Garður, Oddagarðar, Hjónagarðar, Vetrargarðar, Skerjagarður, Mýrargarður and Ásgarðar are all on campus. Hjónagarðar, Vetrargarðar and Ásgarðar are at Eggertsgata 2-34.  Skerjagarður is at Suðurgata 121 and Gamli Garður is by Hringbraut. Oddagarðar are at Sæmundargata 14-20 and Mýrargarður is at Sæmundargata 21.
  • Skuggargarðar are located down town at Lindargata 42, 44, 46 and 46A, and Skjólgarðar at Brautarholt 7.
  • Skógargarðar are at Skógarvegur 18-22 in Fossvogur, one and two bedroom family apartments.

All rooms/apartments have internet connection via the University ethernet, HI-net. Residents is not allowed to keep pets.


All applications for Student Housing are made online on the website. The application form can be found under "Application" in the header. By submitting an application, the applicant confirms that Student housing is allowed to verify all the information provided by sending an inquiry to Registers Iceland regarding housing ownership, legal address and family status, and to the University of Iceland regarding study progress and registration fees.

Housing allocation

Housing allocations take place all year round. Accommodation at student housing is generally allocated for one year at a time and the tenancy is always from August to August except at Gamli Garður where the tenancy is only 9 months, from August to May 26th. A lease made in the middle of the year is thus only valid until August, no matter when it started. The lease must be renewed every year at the end of tenancy. The Student housing allocation rules are used when allocating housing (see rules under the "Application" tab). The applicant receives an email from the Student housing office when allocated. The applicant can accept or deny an allocation as well as confirm status on the waiting list on the Student housing website.



Having been issued housing; the applicant must sign a lease before moving in. All leases end in August, each year. Residents are obliged to request a renewal of the lease through My pages in April each year. If the resident does not request a renewal he/she must also log into My pages to signify that. The leases are renewed electronically in July, if the all requirements are fulfilled (see allocation rules under "Application").

  • Contract fee for each contract period and for contract extension - 4.000 ISK
  • Transfer fee - 10.000 ISK
  • Residents who do not have legal residence in Iceland need to pay an insurance deposit before signing a contract. The deposit is equivalent to one month's rent.
  • Computer/Internet assistance - if the fault is in the residents computer/router - 5.000 ISK
  • Garage opener - only available at Skólgarður (Brautarholt) and Skógargarðar (Skógarvegur) - 15.000 ISK and is refunded when returned
  • Storage of furniture (bed/fridge etc) - 7.500 ISK. Included in the price is removing the furniture, storage and returning it at the end of the lease

The rooms at Gamli Garður, rooms with shared facilities at Oddagarðar and Mýrargarður as well as shared apartments in type 5-5 are furnished. Residents in other accommodation can request a bed, a desk and a chair for a service fee of 15.000 ISK. 

Moving in

The resident can pick up the keys to the Student housing at the Property management office on the date the contract starts. The office is at Eggertsgata 6, and is open from 09.00-13.00 all working days. When residents move out the Property management does an appraisal in the apartment/room. The new resident then has seven days to make comments on the appraisal. If the resident has any comments, he/she must return the form he/she got when picking up the keys to the Property management office. After that time, the appraisal is considered confirmed.

Moving out

The lease automatically expires at the end of the given period as stated in the contract. Those who intend to stay longer must request a renewal of the contract in April each year. If the resident intends to give notice before the lease expires they must do so using the proper termination form, which is available at the Student Housing website. Student Housing reserves the right to a three months term of notice from the beginning of the next month. The term of notice can be shortened if the Student Housing office finds a new resident within that time. The term of notice can, however, never be shorter than one month. The Property management does an appraisal of the housing after it has been vacated and cleaned. Settlement is not finalised until the appraisal form and payment for the last month's rent have been made.

Insurance deposit

Residents that do not have legal residence in Iceland pay an insurance deposit equivalent to one months rent or a minimum amount of 70.000 ISK, if the rent is lower as well as 10.000 ISK cleaning fee. The insurance deposit must be paid before signing a lease and is fully refundable at departure if all bills are paid, the apartment/room is clean, and no damage has been made to the apartment/room.

Housing benefits

The aim of the Housing Benefit Act is to bring down the cost of accommodation for lower income tenant’s and reduce inequality on the rented property market. The local authorities administer the rent benefit system, which is financed by them and the Local Authorities Equalisation Fund. Rent benefit entitlements are calculated on the basis of rent, income, net assets and the number of dependent children. Awards and payments under the rent benefit scheme are handled by the local authorities and applications should be submitted to the local authority in the area of the applicant’s legal domicile. See how to apply for housing benefits here.