Beint á efnisyfirlit síðunnar


Before you apply, please read the instructions. Also, read the allocation rules before you fill out the application, especially regarding the requirements you need to fulfill as a tenant. Fill out the application as accurately as possible. An application can be refused in case of its insufficiency or if the information provided is inaccurate. Each applicant can only have one application at time. If you want to send in a new application, you need to cancel the older one first.

Foreign students without an icelandic ID-number can put ten times nine (9999999999) in the social security number field.

It is important that the email address provided is checked on a day to day basis. Applicants are given 2 days to accept or decline a housing offer. After those 2 days the offer will expire. If an applicant declines a housing offer 3 times he or she will no longer have a place on the waiting list.

Username and password is sent by email at the end of the application process. It can be used by the applicant both for status observation on the housing waiting list as well as a confirmation tool. An applicant will be removed from the waiting list if the application is not confirmed with the reference number between the 1st and 5th of every month.

Note that new students in the fall semester can only apply from the 1st of June and new students in the spring  can apply from the 1st of October. A button for "new students" appears on the application page after midnight on the 31st of May. If the application is opened before midnight the button does not appear.

June applications are confirmed in July, July applications in August and so on, all year around.


* The applicant permits Student Housing to request information on registration and/or process of studies from the University of Iceland, records of owning properties and information on family size from Registers Iceland.

* Required fields