Here you can apply for Student Housing

New: Available rooms with a private bathroom in shared apartments - and you can apply!

Are you not a registered student in the UI? Not a problem! You can still apply for a room with a private bathroom in a shared apartment.

You fill out the form below. When choosing a school you need to choose "HÍ".

You put "Not studying", "HR", "Other school" or whatever suits you in the Faculty box. The same goes for Study track.

Do  not worry about the information you put in "Study begins" and "Study ends", it does not matter 😉

You choose apartment type "Single flat", put "Room w/shared facilities" in first choice and you skip the second choice.

Then there is nothing left to do but to accept the terms and send in the application!

Contracts are made to last until August 2021. You can wish to renew the contract but it depends on the waiting list whether that is possible or not.

Students in the University of Iceland can apply for other types of apartment than rooms if they wish, we ask them to please read the Student housing allocation rules. It is relatively easy to transfer between apartments and buildings at Student housing, so if you move into f.x. a room with shared facilities, you can always apply for a transfer to a different type of housing if you wish to do so.

Foreign students without an Icelandic ID-number (kennitala) can put ten times nine (9999999999) in the social security number field.


* The applicant permits Student Housing to request information on registration and/or process of studies from the University of Iceland, records of owning properties and information on family size from Registers Iceland. The applicant also gives Studen housing permission to store the application in the Student housing system and a copy of the lease agreements on paper for 7 years.

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