Appeals committee

Appeals committee

The Appeals Committee is composed by three representatives, one from the Student housing office, one from the Student Council of the University of Iceland, and one from the University Counselling and Career Centre. The Committee shall arbitrate all disputes which may arise from applications and allocations, and the Committees decisions are final. All applications and related information shall be treated as confidential, the members of the Committee and the staff of Student Housing are bound by confidentiality. Exemption requests shall be sent to the email urskurdarnefnd[at]

Your exemption request from the allocation rules needs to contain the following information:

Information sheet
  • Full name

  • Social security number (kennitala)

  • Email

  • Finished credits, fall semester

  • Number of listed/finished credits in spring semester

  • Status of studies, undergraduate/masters/doctoral and finished credits

  • Reason for exemption request (short explanation)

  • Apartment type

  • Information of previous cases if you have sent in an exemption request before

  • Other attachments (certificate from a doctor or psychologist, a letter from a counselor or something that you think might support your case)

The appeal request

should be in the form of:

  • A letter where you go over all facts and details regarding your case and a request for an exemption