We recommend!

We recommend!

Gamli Garður, 1-2

  • Number:
  • Rented for:
    9 months
  • Rooms:
    Herbergi m sameiginlegri aðstöðu/Room w shared facilities
  • Size:
    12.0 m2
  • Prices:
  • Energy:
    4.780 kr.
  • Housing rent:
    78.922 kr.
  • Housefund:
    3.380 kr.
  • Total:
    87.082 kr.

Gamli Garður is on campus, at Hringbraut 29. The building was opened in 1934 but renovated in 2014. There are 43 rooms for students in the building, with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. The rooms are particularly suitable for exchange students who study at the University of Iceland for one or two semesters.

Private bedroom: • Closet • Internet (if registered student in UI) • Bed • Desk • Chair

Shared facilities: • Kitchen • Refrigerator • Stove • Oven • Bathroom

Common areas: • Laundry room • Bicycle storage • Garbage storage • Storage • Lounge

Common bathroom and kitchen facilities on each floor. Common laundry room and bicycle storage on first floor. Use can be restricted, house rules apply. Common recreational facilities, called Háaloft is on the top floor. Garðsbúð auditorium on second floor that residents can rent for free for meetings or parties. Residents recycle their waste into paper, plastic and general waste. The resident in charge makes a cleaning plan for residents, makes sure waste is recycled, handles fire alarm calls, contacts Property management if something needs fixing etc.

To apply: Choose Single flat and Gamli Garður. The rooms can vary in shape but an example can be seen on the photos below.